Our Story

Hi, I am Lee Hunt

Nice to meet you!

I started in the financial industry in 1998 working for a big bank.  

I told so many people that I could not help them because their credit was not good enough or their income was not good enough or their experience was not good enough or they didn't have enough money...   All because of lack of options that one bank offered!

Different lenders have different goals and appetites and ideas.

The reason I started Hunt Mortgage Solutions, was to say "YES"!  I enjoy teaching people about financial health and how to get there!  I enjoy seeing people buy their first home, buying their first investment property for their real estate portfolio, helping people ease their financial debt burdens by providing options for them.

We have an arsenal full of lenders that are waiting to fund your next purchase or refinance!  We have an answer for almost every situation.

We have so many different ways to get a YES!  Regardless of your situation.  Let's explore ALL of your options together!

OH! and I forgot to mention... Our rates are better than theirs!